The Creslaw is a large tongue & groove workshop and storage unit. There is ample space for a workbench, if you wish to build one. As standard the Creslaw has double doors and 4 fixed windows. (Opening windows are an optional extra). Dimensions (WxLxH) 10'x10'x7'6" (at highest point)

The Staneway has a generous amount of head room due to the single pitch roof. The Staneway is clad in tongue & groove, has two standard fixed windows and a single door. The door can be can be positioned on the left or the right side of the front panel. Dimensions (6'6" at highest point)
Rustic Overlap Pent, Another one of our most popular sheds with 10mm (approx) rustic overlap cladding. Dimensions (6'6" at highest point)
Fairly standard Pent shaped Tongue and groove shed with one window and door on highest section to the front. Extra windows are optional. Dimensions (6'6" at highest point)
This fabulous Log Store/Shed takes only 8' x 8' Space in your garden. The Shed is 8' x 6' and the log store area is 2' Wide x 8'Long. Colours vary, but, this store can be built to your own specifications if you have a larger or smaller area and the log area can be switched to the left hand side depending on your requirements.
Rustic Overlap Garage. This garage has a height of 7' at the peak with 'A' Frames inside the roof. Built with 2" x 2" Frames and boarded with Rustic Overlap. The Double Doors are 8' Wide x 6'High. This garage will hold an average size family saloon car. Dimensions (8' at highest point)
Custom built rustic overlap pent garden shed with one single, tongue and groove door. Windows are an optional extra. Dimensions  (6'6" at hghest point)
Rustic Overlap with wide door and 2 18" x 24" windows, 2" x 1 1/2" floor runners, tongue & groove fully felted roof.
Ideal potting shed for growing and sowing precious plants and seeds. Placement of shelves is left to the customer. 7 foot at highest point.



8x6. The Belmont is a very popular model and the most traditional of all garden buildings. The Belmont comes with overlap cladding and no windows , a single door that can be hinged left or right. Highest point 6'6".



This double Garage Tounge & Groove Their are two 7' wide double doors. large enough to fit 2 cars in. Their is one large window( extra windows optional) 8'6"" at highes point 18x24'



6x4 Rustic overlap pent shed. one window. The position of the door and window can be swapped on the front section.



8x6+2. Tongue & Groove with a 2' veranda and 2 windows



8x6 4 window overlap rustic shed. Apex roof with highest point 6'6" Door can be hinged left or right.



16x8 Tongue & Grove with one window. Pent roof with a very large window.


6x4 Rustic overlap Apex with 2 windows. Door can be hinged left or right









8x6 3 Window Rustic Apex. 6' 6" at highest point



8x6 Tongue & Groove.  Pent roof with  Single door and  2 windows. ( door and window can be swaped around on front section.)



6x4 Tongue & Groove Pent, with 1 window smal discreet shed 

Double Door £45.00

Mortice Lock  £45.00

Glass 18"x24" £5.50


Summer House 9X6 with Double glass Doors  and opening windows. A very popular size for a small Garden


10x6 Tongue & Groove Double Doors and two opening windows.


10x6x2 Double Doors and 2 opening windows, with over hanging  roof.


8x6 Tongue & Groove Double Doors with extra Height


7x7 5 sided corner summer house. Double glass doors, and 2 opening windows.


12x12 Summerhouse/ with combined storage shed.



8x6x2 with 6 fixed windows, Veranda and over hanging roof.


9x6 Tongue & Groove 4 window, and extra wide Door



Summerhouse with full windows. Double Doors with over hang 10x8 T&G wood



Large shed 8x6 with a dog run attached 6x6 overall size 14x6.

These can be built to any size.

Bird Aviary


A compact Aviery for the Bird breeder. Built with an Internal door and side entrance door.  Heavey duty mesh. This is a 8x6 Tougue & Groove. Height 6f down to 5'6"